Summer 2015

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CHARLOTTE MEADE President & Founder

This summer will mark 4 years in California and we can proudly say, we HAVE made a difference.


Spring 2015 brought some tragedy as we lost two admirable human volunteers but in the spirit of the Jazz Age tune “Yes, We Have No Bananas” there is fortunately so much good that sustains us in the spirit of our canines and cat, that we successfully soldier on.

Connecticut fosters are busy finding great homes for younger dogs and remain dedicated to the cause.  Likewise a very dedicated group of California volunteers continue to lend many hands at the Sanctuary.

This July 4th has blessed us with 57 dogs and Petey the cat, and though we often say we wish we could ‘go out of business’ due to the lack of need for a place for unwanted pets, it is not going to happen sadly, ever.

Help us please, send your support in the way of donations and helping do what you can in your communities.  We love hearing from you.  Help by sponsoring if you can’t adopt.  Go to our Petfinder, Adopt-a-pet or Facebook page and chose a buddy.  Look for new postings and updates.  2015 has MCR, a 501c3, working to help establish a low cost clinic primarily for spays and neuters in a county that has none and hoping to transport on a bigger scale dogs from LA to our fosters in CT.  We hope to fund some of these programs with grant monies and donations.

Thank you all and stay in touch!

Best from Charlotte and the dogs and our cat Petey who all send their love!!