Fall 2015

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CHARLOTTE MEADE President & Founder

Dear friends, there is always so much going on at MCR and this fall is no different.


We are still saving lives, making sick dogs well, healing mouths and skin and spaying and neutering so that some pretty sad dogs can live better quality lives. Thanks to financial support from Rachel at Cause 4 Paws Thrift Shop in Atascadero, we are able to spay and neuter SLO county dogs not in our rescue. We are busy changing the guards (our board), rewriting our bylaws, and rethinking where we can make the biggest difference going forward.

Long overdue is a revamping of our website. You can look forward to better tie-ins to our adoptable dogs and our dogs to sponsor and a site that is a whole lot more fun to view.

Alexandrea H. is still hard at work getting more people involved in our social media sites and keeping the rescue in the news. Please go Like and Share both of our MCR Facebook pages –Main Page, West Coast:Secondary Page, East Coast: – and help us spread the word of the work we do!

Stay tuned for more detailed information in the next few months. There are always ways to help, those never change. Every 100 donation helps us take one unfixed dog off the streets. Every adoption saves two lives. Every sponsor gives us a thrill and helps us care for an animal.

On a more personal note, I speak from the heart words that need to be said, considering the circumstances and experiences we’ve come across this year at the rescue. We are very proud of our dogs – they are amazing, stories we cant even begin to tell. Do right by your pets, think hard before you decide to move to places that wont take friends and avoid circumstances that lead to your having to do the wrong thing by your pets. We see many broken hearts; dogs do not always live in the moment. If you think you wont be able to commit for the long term, then buy a pair of shoes and don’t adopt. Keep your life pet free. The best thing you can do instead is to reach out to rescues and organizations who are committed to helping unwanted pets. And this year, sponsor a Meade Canine dog with a small monthly stipend.

Until the holidays, signing off for now,

Charlotte ♥