Fall 2016

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CHARLOTTE MEADE President & Founder

Time to send thanks and update our supporters.

2016 has been an interesting year at the rescue with a few changes.  We have been working hard as always, still taking in dogs in New England and California and finding great homes for many.  Just this week our senior sanctuary in Creston placed 5 dogs, one who had been here for 4 years.

We still maintain a kennel free environment and all of our dogs have freedom to bed down in or out, explore the world around them or sit at my feet while I am typing.  They are happy and healthy and fortunate, we continue to take dogs with no other options and many special needs.

Geraldine Gilliland of Chiquitas Friends, true to her word, raised 20k in Giving Grid funds that she matched to renovate our barn for dogs in danger and now for people and their pets who visit to help the rescue.  This will help on an ongoing basis to raise funds for MCR.  Geraldine also threw a fundraiser in July at her lovely ranch in Malibu that raised 50k for our dogs and drew the likes of rescue fans Allison Eastwood, Arielle Kebbel, Cindy Landon, Pamela Malcomson, Sylva Kelegian, Teresa Rhyne, Michael Rosenbaum and other Malibu kind hearted animal enthusiasts.  Our volunteers came down to help and worked HARD.

That was the fun stuff, as well as our fundraiser at Cass Winery in June that drew attention and great support.  Our volunteers work diligently all year on that event and thanks to them and Melora and Karen who initiated this 3 years ago, this annual event is something we all look forward to.  This year we honored Chela Landau of the LA police force who saves many lives from the mean streets and Geraldine for her support and collaborative efforts.  Dave Congalton ran the mic and our rescue dogs had a grand time.

Thanks too to the Small Kicks for an amazing concert fundraiser a few weeks ago at Barrelhouse.  That was a bonus and even though it was 109 at 6pm that day we had alumni and friends come out to support MCR.

So a heartfelt thanks to all the people who continue to support us as the ‘little’ rescue in town because little doesn’t mean we don’t do BIG things for so very many dogs in danger.  We field calls daily trying to help people get their pets to safe places, get the care they need and keep more dogs out of dog pounds.  And we continue to intake as many as we can successfully care for.

Special thanks to Chris Crofford for creating a relevant, attractive and up to date new website and to Elaine Giannini for stepping up to work on our adoption sites and for working so well with Chris.  Thanks also to El Camino Vet hospital for taking on our vet needs this year.  Friendly office staff and last minute appointments that we greatly appreciate

MCR continues to make a huge difference helping animals in need and we appreciate your continued support.  We have a busy fall ahead.  If you can lend any time or funding to the building of our Bama Dillert Memorial Garden or the renovation of our garage for our educational center it will be greatly appreciated.  You are more than welcome to visit and say hello to all of our wonderful companions, here and in Connecticut.

Until next time,

Charlotte ♥