Charlotte’s Corner February 2018


The past year (2017) saw Meade Canine branch out in order to further support the dogs and cats at the ranch with the purchase of a thrift shop in Atascadero.  Right now signage still reads Cause for Paws located at 4303 El Camino Real so do stop in and visit and find treasures as there is an abundance of fun stuff to peruse.   The shop has not only engaged so many great volunteers but has led to a lot of work for everyone involved which somehow I think we all seem to thrive on in the rescue business!  Retire seems not to be in many of our friends vocabularies.  We are open daily from 11 to 4 but because we are staffed by volunteers it is best to ring first.  Phone contact is 805-200- 4017.  Nice donations are accepted during store hours and right now we appreciate furnishings, higher end clothing and furniture.  People stopping by can also say hello to many MCR dogs who ‘man’ the shop with volunteers and love to offer greetings.

 What else is new?  Well, we have had our usual share of dogs coming and going – adoptions and rescues and beloved dogs who have finally passed on after years of care and car rides and trips to the beach.  We saw more people adopting seniors with issues and were thrilled about that.  We took in more cats last year as well to live at the ranch, chase mice and keep our garage area in order.  Our barn remained full every weekend with dog people and their pets.

What to expect in 2018?  Hopefully the ability to help more dogs in danger and help more local dogs.  Meade Canine receives a lot of calls to help people rehome and care for their dogs in the county.  We pride ourselves that we answer our phones and we help advise people in need.  We also continue our efforts in Connecticut as fosters Jan and Amy keep things moving in that part of the world.

We thank our regular donors and monthly contributors and sponsors.  We love to hear from adopters with updates.  Most recently we heard from a young couple who adopted  a hound in December 2016 and lost him just 13 months later but the heartfelt joy and love they expressed for that one eyed old man made all this worth it.  He changed their lives and they certainly changed his!  We  thrive on those stories and will never stop trying to change lives for the better for both dogs and humans.

Thanks too to our Board of Directors who volunteer and who spend precious time supporting our cause.
Be well, be kind and always treat animals with the respect they so deserve
Charlotte Meade
Meade Canine Rescue
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