Become a Sponsor

Being as though we have dogs that are best in sanctuary either for medical or age reasons, we love and hope to have people chose a favorite dog for sponsorship. You can make a one time donation or designate an ongoing amount.
By doing so, we will keep you updated on their joys, adventures and life on the property. We love to share the experience as the dogs grow happy and comfortable here: who they befriend and where they like to spend the sunny afternoons.
When our friends decide it’s time to cross the Rainbow Bridge, we will mark their passing with their Sponsor’s name right beside theirs. This extra special love goes a long way.

Say Hello to Sadie!
Sadie was an owner surrender at the San Luis Obispo County Animal Control. With severe skin damage: alopecia with accompanying dermal thickening, hyperkeratosis, lichinfication and fungal build up in her ‘elephant folds’, she was estimated to be around 10 years old but after many trips to the vet and truly getting to know her, we estimate she is around 3. Sadie has come a long way since coming to the rescue in early August 2015. She receives medicated baths & thorough dryings every other day, a special diet and fresh bedding to sleep on to help with her skin issues. Sadie is a very loving dog who is happy and healing well.
Will you help Meade Canine Rescue with her healing process? A monthly donation of $25 would go a long way to her steady recovery and would support the rescue in a wonderful and simply way.

To sponsor, please contact Charlotte at